Teenage problems #1


For a ninth grader, the school seems pretty hard (at least in my point of view). A teenage life as in adolescence, mood- swings, studies, etc.

School, is a place where a person meets their friends, the second most important people after our parents. Friends play an important role in one’s life, they impact a lot a person’s behavior, and choices. They don’t believe in comparing themselves and compelling them to find out the best one through competition. They don’t care, if you are intelligent in studies, athletic, or beautiful. They just want a person, who they can trust, and count on. We make friends, so that we have someone to share certain feelings or opinions of the things our parents are either fond of or are unaware of. We don’t really have great expectations from our friends, and our role is to guide them if they are on the wrong path, help them, and to encourage them. There are no specific interests they want.

Our parents, on the other hand are very specific, they  want their child to be very intelligent, scoring a good percentile, being good at everything. They want their child to be the perfect one! For them, doing mischief, bunking class and everything is very bad. They don’t want their kids to be in a bad impression of the teacher. But what they don’t understand, is that the kid, the innocent kid( as in teenager) is not the one to blame. From the time we were born, we were in a competition for the best. Everywhere, who is the best? Come on, the kid is still learning, how do you expect him to win and be perfect everywhere? That’s not right.

What parents need to understand is that, they need to stop comparing us to others! They need not want their kid to be perfect, everyone has some flaws. They have to accept who, and how their kids are. Some are very good at arts, but simply cannot be better at it further because their parents want them to be and important person like a collector of some city or having a very high post where numerous people respect you.

You can’t force someone to be what you want, or you wish to be.

Teenagers, like me, believe in self confidence, and making a person better at every point of life. Dis-motivating through comparison and competition is not required to the betterment of their future. Instead, encourage them in what they are good in. Inspire them to do it better. If the person is happy doing what they do, it leads to happiness, success and self satiety.


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