It basically means discriminating a person based on his gender. It is pretty popular than people think these days. Everyday everywhere, there are numerous examples of sexism.

I am mostly going to refer to India in the below matters.

Dress codes:

Lets be honest, girls are strictly told to have there clothing below knee length, and it should not be strapless, or backless. Why? Because, “the boys may get distracted”, or “the boys may behave in an inappropriate way”. Seriously, if that is the stereotype, where is this place going?

Bra straps showing. Why and how does 15 cm of cloth affect a person so much, that they even want to take a strict action against it. Every time a strap is seen, a companion points it out, and asks to hide it as soon as possible. I mean does it kill you by any way? How does a strap be bothering people so much? Again, “the boys” may feel to behave in an inappropriate way, or perhaps be sexually attracted.

Let’s face it, I mean, to be frank, this is what is happening. Is it right, i don’t think so.


In typical family hindu family, a brother is given more importance than a sister. The brothers are supposed to protect their sisters as if they are weak. Almost everyone thinks girls are weak and are needed to be protected by a strong male.

From childhood, boys are convinced that they are stronger and better than girls be the parents themselves. Simple addresses like comparing the boy to a girl, “Boys don’t cry”, so, it means “the girls” are the only ones who cry? Or do you mean to say girls are weaker and more emotional so they cry and men are strong so they are not supposed to?

School and friends:

If a girl has more knowledge about sports, say football. I don’t know why, but it’s a shock to many. They are surprised how a girls shows interest in sports, bikes, or anything that they believe only boys can do, or are good at. Girls are considered to be weaker, and less knowledgeable to all these things.

It doesn’t matter what gender a person is, to show his/her interest in certain things.


Not all boys are the same. Often referred as strong, focused, hardworking, good at sports, and interested in bikes and cars. Some boys like to plays indoor games, some like to read books, some like to cook, that doesn’t make them less “manly”. But them showing interest in certain things which are termed to be done by feminine, is considered wrong in society. “Society” doesn’t support such ideas and are dis motivated in their interest.


Not to be against any religion, but in most Muslim temples, “women are not allowed in”. Women are not allowed to show their faces either, supposed to be covered in a black robe, all day long. If they do, it means, they are sexually attracting a man, in a wrong way, asking him to treat her misbehavior. Girls from a very young age are made to wear the burka. For religious purpose it is understood and considered for a while, but is forcing a woman to do is right?

images (2).jpg


I mean seriously, men having multiple wives to fulfill their own pleasure, directly treating a woman the wrong way.


Women are payed less amount of salary for equal amount of as men do. It’s a universal fact. And nobody is taking a strict against it. There are actions, there are are motions, but it is still not given importance. For example Walmart.



This is not just the issue of discriminating, this makes men feel superior and that’s the main reason for rape! God, has made men and women equal, there is no superior.

It is not necessary for girls to get married, stay home and look after the children, and men need to go out and work through hard work.Its not necessary for boys to grow up and look after their families, earn money and play manly sports or anything.

Anything is possible if one believes in it.

Everyone was and is created equal, there are no needs for such a stereotype.


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